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Catching up and checking in meeting…

Hey there –

I thought I’d post our agenda today, so Heather can check it out. This is what the tentative plan is for today:

  1. We found another science teacher blogger!  Check out Kim’s blogs for additional inspiration
  2. Checking in…. some reflective time… Click checking in and fill this out.
  3. Accomplishments?
  4. What do you need?
    1. Motivating kids?
    2. Access to tools?
    3. An engaged audience?
    4. Course load?
  5. Action Plans
  6. Support groups (at least for the future)
    1. Chris, Michael & Heather (Jeremiah)
    2. Sarah, Ellen & Greg (April)


    1. Goal sheets from everyone – if you don’t have it click here:Goal Setting
    2. Next meeting

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