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Questions for Setting up a Blog

Here are the questions we came up with to answer before effectively using a blog in a classroom.

Blog Questions

Lets see what we get!

-Greg and Chris


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  1. * sarah says:

    I am posting my response to these questions as a comment because when I sign in to the blog, it takes me to the Global Dashboard (I don’t know what this is!) and I can’t write anything!

    Why have one/Purpose?
    One of my reasons for having a blog is to create a space outside of the classroom where my students are talking about chemistry, reflecting on their learning, and helping each other grow in their understanding.

    Learning objectives?
    – Students will reflect on their learning by posting to the blog. I picture students going through their notes, their book, and trying to make sense of concepts we have been learning about in order to write their post.
    – Students will support their classmates’ learning through the use of the classroom blog. I am hoping the blog will be a location where students can read posts, edit posts if necessary, ask for help on homework problems, etc.

    The audience of my blog will be my AP Chemistry students and myself.

    I see the blog being beneficial for the teacher because it allows ALL students to participate in the learning, it will reveal misconceptions of concepts taught in class, and it will help the students develop learning strategies needed for their higher education.

    I chose to create one blog and my students are “authors” on that blog. They will have the ability to write posts and edit their own posts.

    Who is writing?
    To get them started (I just started this past weekend), I posted some initial things and tasks for my students to do to become familiar with the blog before it is their turn to post. As the year goes on, I hope they will be doing most of the posting and commenting.

    How many posts?
    I am going to model my blog much like Mr. K’s blog where one student will be posting on a daily basis.

    How much time will be spent?
    This will definitely be a homework assignment so I don’t anticipate much time being spent in class at all with the exception of maybe highlighting someone’s post from the previous night or the need to show how to use certain features of the blog.

    What is the motivation?
    This will be an assignment for me, but I am hoping that students will find value in writing posts and reading the posts created by classmates to further their learning.

    What will I provide/Scaffolding?
    So far, I haven’t had students post anything on their own. Tomorrow will be my first adventure with that! My plan is to spend some time in class talking about the purpose of our blog, the requirements of the blog, and suggestions for what to include. I will also be helping our first blogger by taking ideas from the whole class on the major ideas to be included in the first daily post.

    I will have my students sign and blogging agreement.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 9 months ago
  2. * Ellen says:

    Okay, I am just going to leave a comment, too.

    My goals for the class blog are:
    *To help us develop a community of learners with a tangible, shared history
    *To connect us with the larger school and scientific community
    *To give each of you a unique space to grow as science students through questioning, analyzing and reflecting

    Audience: students, parents, other teachers, anyone who can contribute to deepen student understanding – I am handing out the web address to parents at open house

    Benefits: a unique way to interact with the material, new form of participation, lens to the larger world, connections to other people and disciplines

    Format: starting off – kids post questions in response to scientist’s posting or respond to teacher post, later on – kids posting on class topics, starting discussions, etc.

    Number of posts: still to be determined, we are trying it out and going to decide together what we think is reasonable, but it will be part of their grade

    Time Spent: right now we are going for about 30 mins a week, once kids get used to what we are doing and can work more independently generating ideas, it will become more of a homework assignment

    Motivation: wanting to ask questions, share information and ideas, also counts as a grade

    Scaffolding: give ideas for starting posts, help individually if needed; once a few are done put of some exemplars of what a good post looks like and discuss why

    Safety – class discussion and blogging contracts

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 9 months ago

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