blogging about blogging

Classroom blogs to explore

Check out the following blogs and use the comments feature to evaluate the strengths, limitations and how you would improve the use of each of two of them.What should we attend to when we look at them? What do we care about?



balance of student and teacher voice

outside participation


prompts for posts

positioning of blog within larger classroom

evidence of class-induced change

evidence of conversations

How might a student answer, “What value is your blogging to your learning?”


teacher’s role

primary voice


meaningful engagement with content


1. The Georgia – NJ Connection – building better journalists

2. Excellence and Imagination

3. I Heart Science

4. High School Government Class (Make sure to check out the links to the student blogs)

5. The I-Search

6. The Guerrilla Season Blook Blog (7th/8th grade American History)

7. Room 110 Blog (computer and technology)

8. Science Readers responding to this assignment

9. A Scotland elementary classroom blog

10. Science Matters

11. Communicating in Spanish

12. Pre Calculas 40S – Grade 12

13. Science by Davis

14. The Living Environment

Added Later by J:) 15 . Street Photojournalism

16. Mr. K’s pre-Calc Class


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