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Not sure what happened to this. I posted it around 8 this morning……good thing I saved it offline too.


Armbars Happen-

“ One of the problems, I think, with these blogs is that I don’t think too many people are reading them. Hence, the writers are losing their excitement about writing in them. Even though they are public, and even though I have invited their parents and other family members to make comments, NO ONE HAS. This has created a sense in the middle schoolers that no one is reading the blogs. Please feel free to leave positive, helpful, even mildly confrontive comments to these blogs. When people feel “heard,” they feel validated and encouraged. And THANK YOU, for listening to ME during my inservice!”

Mostly personal posts here. Seems that some may have been teacher prompted.  This blog DID last for the whole year though…so may be worth looking at.

Bulldog blog- 5th grade

All student blogs closed to public. The teacher prompted students and students commented. Typically based on thoughts coming from the weekly reader. – about 2 posts a month from the teacher

Science Rocks—8th Grade Science

On student’s blog: “People you eally need to comment on peoples articles. that is what this whole thing is about. Well since this is suposed to be science related….. What is your favorite kind of animal.
Personally mine is a DOG!!!!!”

Teachers blog: very limited but consistent student posts—mostly personal but some science related.

Little structure or guidance from the teacher.

Mrs. Crean’s Cross Core Blog – Going into summer school

Mostly a place to have personal responses about books (favorite, etc) and to showcase poetry of students

She organized differently—not a running blog, but topics for students to coment on throughout the summer. Some students created own topics and she reverenced them for other students to post. She also gives a model of Excellent Comment taken from other students.

True scaffolding going on here.

Cool Cat Teaacher’s Student Blog

Many prompts for thoughts. Students are expected to comment. Some deal with content, some deal with theory/thoughts. Here is an interesting one that she posted:

Recently, Dr. Scott McCleaod wrote about a school administrator who said:
The school district is legally obligated to protect our students from the outside. It is not legally obligated to prepare them for the outside.
Do you agree or disagree? Do the dangers of technology outweigh the benefits of teaching them to you? Why or why note?
State your position and defend it in at least 10 sentences.

Ned the Lead:-

Coordination space for classroom project. Teacher simply provided organizational and exampled. Student’s post were about time spent with Ned.

Wildcat Writers

This blog is about writing. It looks like the teacher both posted prompts on the blog and provided prompts in the classroom or maybe gave them time in class to write. Much of it is simply telling about something that happened to them, but there are some thoughtful and reflective pieces too. This is 6th grade. It does seem that there was some valuing of this as one student posted over the summer asking where everyone was and why no one had posted yet.

MVP- Victor Intermediate Library

It looks like the approach here was to talk about 1 book across different classes who were all reading it. There are many posts during the project. Almost no cross-posting. The one benefit to this one is that I know (in passing but could reconnect with her) the library teacher who initiated this project, so getting an interview would work.

Red Team Blog

Well….seems to be a teacher assignment and then many student posts to that assignment. Much of it is in French though…so hard to evaluate. They did also have some audio posts.

Ms. Dowlings Science 8-

Only 3 assignments posted and students then responded. Fall 06. Another one that died.

Grade 10 College Writing

Looks like it might have been pretty good and consistent for the 3 months that it ran. However, all the student posts were behind password protection so couldn’t see them.

Sometime you just need a good brainache

Grade 6 Science. This class used it pretty consistently with little teacher prompts from February to end of the year. This was used to post information that they had found interesting or little facts/questions they had come up with. Only 2 teacher posts…but usually 1-2 comments on almost every student post. Also 2nd teacher post was an obvious negation/planning of the space. He saw that he needed to clearly lay out the expectations but this was after kids had posted.

Outstanding Octopi

6-8 science and math alternative

Seems pretty consistent (if sparse) posting from last august until now. Problem is that the students’ postings are password protected again.

Questions to ponder

6th grade science

Seems to have had 2-3 big topics that they posted about during certain times throughout the year. So we have an august, December and then march set of postings.

However, one reason we may want to use it is that the teacher posted this:

Recently,I had the opportunity to share information about Blogging with the other teachers at school. Being able to share my thoughts and feelings about Blogging made me wonder about yours. So, I ask you…If you could tell the other teachers how you feel about Blogging, what would you like to tell them? In your response, please don’t just say “I like blogging” or “I don’t like it” They want to know WHY you do or you don’t. They want to know about your feelings. So be honest with yourself as you write.

We then have about 7 posts in response to this from the students.

Excellence and Imagination

Middle School SS

He uses many of the features of the blog software. His seems to be about the use of the blogs in his classes and as a central discussion about their experiences. There are then links both in the blogs and on the side to the blogs students are maintaining.

I think this is a good one to use. The share their experiences as they work on international projects. Some commenting is going on. He also has alumni bloggers who seem to still be posting occasionally. I would say we should select this one.

Spanish 1

Assignment posting—but good comments (probably also part of the assignment). The nice thing here is that they seem to be commenting to those in other sections of the course. This at least breaks down the typical boundaries of the classroom. Both written and oral posts. Assignments and postings did span the entire year.



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