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MS English:

This blog is for 7th grade English students. It doesn’t seem to have a clear structure, although it does have evidence of individual student involvement. For example, there are posts by students relating to a particular article that they read. What is not clear is if the article was assigned in class, read in class, or if it is an assignment that students got from the blog itself. The most recent post is from March 27th, 2007 and is an assignment based on a list of books from which student select one to read and write about.

-On a scale from 1-5, this blog is a 2.5


This blog is for 7th and 8th grade science students. There are very few comments posted by students regarding any one of the teacher’s posts. I think that the lack of student involvement brings the grade down for this blog. The comments are not of a high quality and do not reflect the growth and progress of the student, or their personal reflection.

-On a scale from 1-5, this blog is a 2


This blog is for 9th grade science students. It has a very professional/academic appearance. This blog has more student involvement, for example, the most recent post is about parents selecting the gender of their child. Many students responded to this with logical and coherent points of view. There are also many more student entries (about 50) than teacher entries (about 10).

-On a scale from 1-5, this blog is a 4


This blog is for 8th grade science students. There is evidence of many student entries (that outnumber the teacher’s entries), however it is not open to the public. If you click on a particular student entry, you must enter a password to view it. I think that the quality of the students’ work would be much better if they knew that others could view their responses. Because of the “private nature”, I cannot adequately judge the blog.


This blog is extremely well done. It reminds me of the Fun With English 2! blog. There are many fun and informative tools that are implemented such as Bubbleshare (for a digital picture slideshow), Skype (Internet teleconferencing), and AnswerTips (you can double click any word for its dictionary definition). The student entries are of a good quality and length (though I care more for quality, not quantity). The teacher definitely adds fun to the blog with the tools and also provides a shared space for learning and interaction. He gives assignments and extra credit as well, which I think gives the class more appeal since it is done partially online.

-On a scale from 1-5, this blog is a 5

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