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We need a paragraph like this…

Jeremiah – can you take a stab at this? I know we don’t have a nice concluding sentence yet, but maybe if we take a stab at it, we can finalize it on Tuesday.

“The two blogs examined in this study were chosen as a result of an extensive search for classroom blogs, using five popular search engines, which resulted in the identification of 17 blogs. Of these 17 classroom blogs, four met the pre-defined selection criteria: 1) managed by a high school teacher; 2) posted to frequently (at least three times a week); 3) represented a dominant student presence (more posts authored by students than the teacher), and 4) publicly available. Two of the four teachers who managed these blogs were available to be interviewed, and thus, these two blogs became the focus of this case study.”

Luehmann & MacBride, 2007


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