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Metric for Success Notes

As we thought of the “metric for success” we saw a way to organize our conversation in the paper. We would first look at affordances and discuss all the blogs. We would then relook at the blogs to talk about how these blogs are actually being utilized to deepen the classroom learning.

We also saw a need to recognize both the intentional goals (planned space) and the unintended benefits (negotiated space). It seemed that these tied into the classroom values that the instructor places in both the blog and traditional space. These stemmed from the beliefs of the instructor to a major extent and to a lesser degree those of the students. The reason for the lesser and greater has to do with the power relations. However, once the instructor allows for renegotiation of the power relations, then the blog becomes a place in which traditional power structures can be deconstructed. We saw that in this way the blog becomes an extension of the self. The participation and then recognized participation can change in the blog as the tools for interaction are changed.



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