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Blog Assignments

OK…here are some blogs of interest to look at:


  • 801 Science Readers: This is for 2 years an assignment to read a book or multiple articles (relating to science) and then post about that and comment on others. Here is the original assignment posted by the teacher. The teacher for this also maintains a blog.
  • Guerilla Season Blog: Another single project blog from this fall. However, it was recognized in a couple of publications and so seemed to be a good example.
  • Room 110 Blog: High school with lots of student responses. However, more of an assignment/response blog.


  • Sandaig Otter Blog: Elementary blog but addresses many sciene issues and is mainly authored by students
  • Georgia-NJ connection: Ok this is a very old project blog (2003). BUT it has some phenomenal work. Two classes with students in each being journalists and the others commenting on their work. Additionally, here on the main blog, they created mini-lessons for others.
  • Web Design Class: This has had lots of activities around it. 6,000 student posts since the beginning of the year and many many visitors. Worth looking at what they are saying.


  • Excellence and Imagination: This blog is the teachers blog ina blogging project where students each have their own blog. It seems like they did some pretty amazing things.
  • Spanish Blogcast: Many works of students posted here…many audio files.

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