blogging about blogging

selection criteria take 1

I think we have improved upon this, but here it is from my RSRB


 In addition, six blogs were found that, after an exhaustive search, fit the following criteria:

  • Publicly available
  • Frequently updated (approximately once a week or more)
  • Middle or high school teacher
  • Either a science teacher or interacts with students with blogs

And here are the ones we included in the RSRB application (which has been approved).  I will start checking out these 6… knowing that Mr. K.  is a likely candidate for inclusion… and Ms Frizzle is not.

  1.    This blogger prefers to remain anonymous and goes by the name of “Ms Frizzle.”
  2.  Mr. K’s blog for his math classes
  3.  Mr. Daly’s blog for his government classes
  4.  Ms. Drummond’s blog for her science classes
  5. – Regents Living Environment Blog
  6.  – Ms Spitzer’s blog for her science class.

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