blogging about blogging

ugh – take 2

[I composed all of this once in the comments, and it just disappeared. UGH!!]

Take Two: did I mention “ugh!”

Classroom Blogging in Constructive Secondary Science Teaching: Implications for Research and Practice

3. Possibilities of classroom blogging and classroom blogging in science

  • Literature review: Classroom blogging
    • Use (frameworks)
      • Receptive, directive, guided (Glogoff, 2005)
      • Journals, research tools, class sharing (Barious, 2007)
    • Affordances
      • Richardson, 2006
      • Placinng (Science ed blogging)
      • Luehmann, 2007
    • Differences from similar tools
      • Duffy, 2006
      • Placing
  • Conceptual analysis: The potential of blogigng in science education
    • Blogging as participatory practice in the Disourse (Gee, 1998) of science – performing identities (Davies, 2006)
      • participatory practice (Lankshear, 2006; Davies, 2006)
      • legitimate warehousing (Bausch et al, 2002)
      • balancing voices (Ebenezer, p.398)
      • immediacy (claiming intellectual property)
      • accountability (glocality – davies, 2006)
    • Blogging as understanding of the nature of science
      • personal mixed with professional (davies, 2006)
      • local combined with global
      • historically and culturally grounded
      • tentative
      • social construction of meaning-making
      • science is multi-modal, blogs support multi-modal communication – modeling, communication & analysis
  • Actual Blogs
    • Those who tried and didn’t continue (the process for searching, the criteria, what was found as a table)
    • Mavericks- those who are out there and finding a way to do it.
      • Mr. K

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