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Setting up the paper

Ok…so here is where we are at with the paper. Note that some lines have two ideas or phrases that are close to each other. This is because we were struggling with exactly what to do with that particular section. For example: the title has 2 different entries. This is because it is a work in progress.

Title: Potential of classroom blogging to transform science teaching
Design principals for blogging in a science classroom

  1. Context calls for reform
    • Broader context—in education as a whole—need for change in practices
    • National Science Education Standards
    • Need for new participatory practices
    • W’s list
  2. Problem Statement: Constraints of schooling and dilemmas of constructivism
    • NCLB
    • Lankshear (1 paragraph)-
    • Need for new participatory practices
  3. Possibilities of classroom blogging and classroom blogging in science
    • Context statement- what is blogging (general)
      • Affordances- through commentary articles
      • Peer-reviewed/empirical
      • There isn’t much there…need more
    • Lit Review
      • Practitioner journals(peer reviewed journals and within the medium
        • Blogging about blogging sites
      • Other places that talk about it (commentaries)
    • Actual Blogs
      • Those who tried and didn’t continue (the process for searching, the criteria, what was found as a table)
      • Mavericks- those who are out there and finding a way to do it.
        • Mr. K
  4. Statement of the design principals (guidelines/questions to address) for blogging in a science classroom
    Questions for design (because each teacher designs their own)



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