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June 6 Meeting

OK, here is the summary from Wednesday. Sorry it took me a couple of days, but I had a wonderful time talking with Colin and Michele last night!! (will find a way to provide audio of session soon)

We were working to organize ourselves on Wednesday. This took 3 distinct tracks.

  1. We talked about the end product which of course will impact the process.
  2.  We talked about some issues/ideas that are still being grappled with
  3. We talked about the timeline for completion (ouch)

 1- Paper and the organization of it

Current Working Title: Implications for capitalizing on blogging to transform secondary science classroom learning: A review of the literature

Section 1- Conceptual framework- here we are looking to tell the story and the pieces that go into it. Most likely we will be making the case for why this paper is important and how we got to the point of this paper.

—– Science ed goals: We will need to include what we see as the goals fo science education. Included in this will be constructivism and the nature of science. So what do we mean…well knowledge is social constructed within the practices and experiences of those interacting within a larger, situated dialogue. AND science is not a set listing of laws and facts, but rather negotiated, embedded in power relations and (dare I say it) ‘messy.’ (and we aren’t talking about a chemistry experiment gone wrong)

—– Affordances of web 2.0: Here we see that we need to make our clear stance that we see new technologies are linked to new mindsets. That changing the technologies used in a classroom, changes the practice, which changes the construction of knowledge and meaning. We will also want to highlight in these section, what we see as the possibilities for new practice that web 2.0 allows. We will start with the Horizon report, but will need to qualify this some as being higher ed…thus our role in looking at High School. (side note by J:) – we will also want to briefly problematize the term Web 2.0 and then explain why we still will use it)

Section 2– Lit Review: We have found many more commentaries that empirical research on this topic. Thus, we will want to explain what our selection criteria was around this (oh yeah…and figure that out) Currently we are thinking of using a Snowball approach. Specifically some things we will want to address are the trustworthiness and reliability of our literature. It seemed wise to use other blogs, but the question is how we would select the blogs that we would include.

Section 3- What’s out there/example of use: This leads into our final section which would look at examples of use out there. We are running into some issues with this as we are having a hard time finding good examples. We will also want to finalize our inclusion criteria for these as well. April already had a suggested one that looked good. We noted that we may end up moving this section before the lit review to show that there is justification for research and thought on this topic. We also see that perhaps this is what we will contribute to the community: we will be able to suggest some possible questions/issues that need to be addressed as teachers begin to approach blogs in the classroom.

 2- Issues we are still grabbling with: These really all relate the movement from a blog into a class blog. For example: What are the different uses that are being made of blogs: ie as a class posting place, for sharing out information from the class, to organize the class, etc.
Next: what is the audience/community involved with the class blog
And then: what are the roles/opportunity for those in the blog…that is tied up in the use of the blog, but key here is how does the teacher support and scaffold the use of a class blog

Ok another central question that was raised: What is it the student constructs? To which I would also ask: What is this (blogs) doing for the students…and then what is a class blog doing for the student, the class, the teacher?

 3- OK last thing we did was the timeline…but I went ahead and put that in google docs under Proposal Timeline


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