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Quick Intro

I think it makes sense to start the first post on our blog here with a quick look at who I am (in the blogosphere). Blogging is a very personal endeavor I have found. Those reading this will not only get to know what we are talking about through this forum of conversation, but you’ll also come to know a bit about us.

So here goes: I’m known online as J:) I have been working with technology in the online format since before there was a web. I used text-based bulletin boards back then. This led into MUDD’s through telnet. I reference these as a means to show my enjoyment of the online interaction that the internet offers.

Right now I’m running an online program for high school and middle school students. I believe in all of the Web 2.0 type technologies and their use in education. Right now I’m a doctoral student at the University of Rochester in teaching and curriculum.

I guess for me there is a pull between practical, theoretical, and that I just like in new stuff. I’ve always enjoyed being able to connect with other people from around the world. I’ve spent a couple of summers in other countries just learning about different people and places. For me online is a convenient way to meet with other people and get to know them.

I have maintained my own blog and have recently switched over to using Google’s forum. My real goal in this whole project is to better understand how blogging has impacted more traditional classroom teaching and learning practices. My goal is twofold. One in that I work with many traditional classrooms and teachers looking at these technologies and communication venues in new ways of understanding reading and writing. My hope is that what I learn will allow me to push forward our understanding of teaching and learning reading and writing. A second purpose in all of this is the online program. Although I have run an online program since 2003 for high school students, we have utilized a more traditional model of classroom. I am often embarrassed by this fact, but we’ve done this for a couple of reasons. One- because that’s what’s people are used to and comfortable with. Two- utilizing more open technologies can run into a real brick wall when in a public school setting. This is primarily due to the security and safety issues involved. (Side note- At some point I would like problemetize this thinking. It seems strange that we scream safety whenever there is new possibilities for learning…but back to my introduction…)

At this point in my introduction why don’t we just finish out by saying that I hope to find a solid ground on which to delve more deeply into the more social and dynamic aspects of the web.

So as I always do I have stumbled across the webpage tossing words here and there with the hopes of developing meaning. Hopefully I have given you the reader something to think about. I’ll probably see you in the next post momentarily, as I have a little bit of catching up to do to keep up with my esteemed colleagues.



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